Manage any crypto across blockchains and protocols
Lachain is the Cross Chain DeFi protocol. It allows seamless
access to multitude of decentralized finance products on major blockchains without gas tokens management. Pay all fees and gas with LA token.

Lachain is the modern L1 blockchain - Ethereum VM compatibility, Web Assembly compiler, Honey Badger BFT consensus, nearly 0 gas price - allows easy porting of any existing DAPPs
Investing in DeFi
For inexperienced users, DeFi may seem incredibly complicated and difficult to grasp.

It is getting worse with different wallets, different tokens for gas, and different bridges between blockchains in the equation.
Task: Transfer funds to DeFi opportunity on another blockchain
Without Lachain
  • Exit from asset X on Network A to stablecoin (gas, fees)
  • Get native token of Network B on Network A DEX (gas, fees)
  • Bridge stablecoin to network B (gas, fees)
  • Bridge Native token to Network B
  • Enter asset Y on Network B (gas, fees)
With Lachain
  • Exit Asset X for wUSDT on Defi market (gas+fees in LA)
  • Enter Asset Y for wUSDT (Gas+fees in LA)
Key features of LACHAIN
One-stop store for DeFi
LACHAIN is a DeFi hub and cross-chain protocol for interactions between networks with its own blockchain, own validators, own smart contracts and dedicated team of developers constantly working on creating bridge connectors to hottest DeFi products across blockchains
Complete DeFi toolset
LACHAIN offers an all-inclusive ready-to-use product with its own wallet, DeFi marketplace and bridges to other networks

All other blockchains are connected via bridges using their native tokens
Automatic rebalancing takes care of liquidity and balances for all connected networks
Does not take liquidity from other networks - all liquidity locked on bridges
Enter the DeFi Hub
LACHAIN is the next financial system, with L1 for DeFi protocols needed to move capital markets and banking on blockchain.